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Get treated by a board-certified dermatologist for:

Bed Bugs
Cold Sores
Athlete's Foot & Ringworm
Dry or Itchy Skin
Excessive Sweating
Insect Bites or Stings
Lice & Scabies
Male Hair Loss
Poison Oak & Ivy
Shaving Bumps & Ingrown Hair
Skin Discoloration
Tick Bites


We only support treatment of conditions appropriate for telemedicine

The conditions you can be treated for on Spruce have been carefully selected by an expert panel of board-certified dermatologists, based on their confidence that the information gathered through the Spruce patient application — photographic and otherwise — enables physicians to practice at or above the standard of care.

We use evidence-based guidelines to ensure you receive state-of-the-art care

You’ll be asked to answer an ‘adaptive’ set of condition-specific questions during your visit (meaning that what you’re asked next changes based on your previous answers). Each question set was developed and reviewed by an expert panel of board-certified dermatologists to ensure it reflects the most up-to-date research.

We connect you with great doctors, all uniquely qualified to treat you

Doctors on Spruce are board-certified US dermatologists. Each has undergone a rigorous interview process, including full criminal and clinical background checks. All doctors in the network have in-person practices too, so you can expect the same level of clinical expertise that you’d experience in person (or better, if you would’ve otherwise seen a general practitioner).

We take your safety seriously, even if it means helping you find care elsewhere

Spruce is not the right place to seek treatment for every dermatologic concern. Sometimes you may require immediate in-person care or a procedure that cannot be done remotely. We ask questions to identify when this is the case, and then work to connect you with the right type of care provider.

Spruce Health is a telehealth platform and does not itself provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The healthcare services made available through the Spruce Health platform are provided by licensed physicians practicing within a group of independently owned practices, collectively known as “Spruce Physicians”.