Smart Phone Systems

Spruce is more than a next-generation practice phone system — it’s a new category of software that makes you more accessible to patients, better coordinated, and more efficient.

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The Best Upgrade Decision You Will Ever Make.
Upgrade your practice phone system without changing your existing number or your budget. You'll get all the features of a traditional system, and a new world of smart functionality that brings your practice communication into the 21st century.
Enhanced Patient Access
Patients are giving up on reaching you. 60%+ reach your voicemail and give up, don’t get calls returned, or want to text you but can’t.
Better, Modern Coordination
Make sticky notes, pages, and dropped balls a thing of the past.
Greater Practice Efficiency
Watch your practice hum as you see the dramatic time savings of modern technology.
A Collaborative, Cloud Phone System Built Specifically for Medical Practices
See Everything
All call activity (including transcribed voicemails) appears in visual, team-oriented inbox. Reports show where new patients are coming from and how efficient your practice is.
No Patient Left Behind
Patients are giving up on reaching you when they reach your voicemail. Spruce’s “Call Rescue” and modern phone tree mean demand won’t slip through the cracks again.
Collaborate in New Ways
Goodbye, sticky notes. Chat as a team about patient inquiries and assign handoffs (with support for paging and on-call rotations).
Automate What Can be Automated
Less phone tag and greater efficiency. Offer more self-service options to patients, get full context on patient inquiries, and templatize common responses.
Integrate with Your EHR
Sync patient information between your EHR and Spruce so you know who is getting in touch with you and why. Easily record care that occurs on Spruce in your EHR.
Much, Much More Than a Phone System
Modern After-Hours Care
Set hours of operation and then automatically transcribe, triage, and route after-hours patient calls (support for on-call rotations too).
2-Way Texting
Automatically offer callers the ability to communicate with you via text. Two-way SMS and secure messaging supported.
All Your Communication, In One Place
Calls. Texts. Email. Website Chat. Team chat. Spruce powers it all, and puts it all in your team’s inbox for easy resolution.
More New Patients from Your Website
Add Spruce’s patient acquisition and chat widget to your website and see an instant upgrade in effectiveness.
Comprehensive Telemedicine
If your closest available appointment is weeks out, you’re losing revenue and patients. Automatically offer Spruce-powered telemedicine to patients when they inquire about appointments.
Work From Anywhere
Use Spruce via your smartphone (your personal # will be disguised as your practice #).
Or on most desk phones. Or a mix of both!
Join thousands of practices using Spruce to modernize patient care

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You can be up and running in less than an hour and seeing the impact on revenue and online reviews.
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