Spruce is the leading platform for communication and care outside of the exam room.
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Meet your patients where they are

Unified Communication

A shared inbox for all patient & team communication. Secure messaging, voice, video, even SMS & email.

Supercharged Messaging

The entire continuum of care, within a conversation. Comprehensive telemedicine is just the beginning -- see everything Spruce can do.

Team-Driven Care

Collaborate in real time around a patient’s care, or chat within team-only conversations. Streamline care coordination by using “@” to page other providers.

Effortless Adoption and Integration

You can be up and running within minutes, and clinical workflows on Spruce make physicians’ lives easier not harder. Spruce works on your phone and on the web. And yes, it even works with your EHR.

Powering patient-centric care in diverse settings

Thousands of physicians have turned to Spruce to make it easier to provide great care and make their lives easier.
“Spruce has helped us differentiate our patient experience in a highly competitive market. It’s also brought a huge amount of efficiency to our large and multi-site team.”
Dr. Caesar Djavaherian
Chief Medical Officer
Direct Urgent Care, Bay Area

Primary Care

New Telemedicine Revenue

“Spruce is a game changer for patient connectivity. I can't encourage enough practices to adopt the platform. I don't know if we could exist without it.”
Dr. Radley Griffin
Griffin Concierge Medical, Tampa
“I've had a marked increase in patient satisfaction since using Spruce, not to mention my own satisfaction of being able to efficiently address their concerns in a timely manner.”
Dr. Nguyen Nguyen
Nguyen Pediatrics, Torrance
Episodes of Care

An essential layer to complement your EHR

Whether you want to improve outcomes, increase revenue, enhance productivity or just stand out...Spruce has something for you.

Patient Engagement

Connect with your patients where they already are, in an interface they already understand.


Leverage telemedicine to offer patients convenience, while also optimizing how you spend your time.

Care Coordination

Invite teammates for streamlined collaboration and communication (goodbye sticky notes).

Telephone & Answering Services

Modern telecommunication services and after-hours line that can transition to telemedicine.

Mobile Payment

Get compensated for your time and expertise by sending payment requests directly to patients.

And More!

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